SECRA Fellows

SECRA Fellows

Chi Anyansi-Archibong, 2010
Raphael Boyd, 2011
Betty Brewer, 2011
Tim Burson, 2010
Christopher M. Cassidy, 2010
Mick Fekula (Dean of the Fellows), 2010
Lindsey Hamil, 2013
Marty Hornyak, 2010
Bob McDonald, 2010
Rebecca Oatsvall, 2010
Susan Peters, 2015
Ida Robinson-Backmon, 2010
Tim Redmer, 2010
C. Michael Ritchie, 2010
Mary Kay Sullivan, 2011
Kathleen Wates, 2010
Fred Ware, 2010
Mike Welsh, 2010

The role of the SECRA Fellows is to provide a core group of long-term committed people who will act as an advisory body to the SECRA Officers. The SECRA Fellows will not have any official authority in the decision processes conducted by the SECRA Officers. The SECRA Fellows will meet annually during the SECRA conference to discuss proposals for the SECRA officers or to address concerns and offer advice to the Officers. The SECRA Fellows will be both proactive in their advice and counsel, and reactive in response to the concerns of both SECRA officers and members.

If the budget allows, SECRA will fund a special breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting for the SECRA Fellows during the SECRA conference where they can conduct their annual meeting. In addition to title, this meal is the only special perk for the SECRA Fellows.

The first group of SECRA Fellows was established in 2010. Mick Fekula was elected Dean of the Fellows at the first meeting on February 13, 2010.

In 2009, SECRA Members voted to establish the SECRA Fellows. The following ad hoc system was adopted to apply only to the first class of Fellows and subject to change based upon agreement among the Fellows thereafter. In order to be in the first group of Fellows, one must:

  1. Have fulfilled the role of a SECRA officer or associate officer position in a responsible manner or have supported SECRA by attending numerous SECRA Conferences and providing wise advice and counsel.
  2. Have attended a minimum of five SECRA conferences.
  3. Accept the position of SECRA fellow with the intent to attend every SECRA conference, but with the minimum attendance being two out of every three years.
  4. Be in attendance at the 2010 conference and convene to elect a Dean of The SECRA Fellows who will oversee the establishment of policies and processes for the Fellows by coordinating with the first class of Fellows. The Fellows Dean will report Fellows’ policies and processes to the Officers and membership at the 2011 meeting.

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